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Manufacturers: PREMIER
Activated carbon filter PM2.5 for face mask. Combined with the mask with code PR796. Available to print your logo.Characteristics:Spunbond cloth filters micron-level dustPM2.5 (Particle matter 2.5 microns)Conforms to standards GB2626-2006Active carbon cloth filters atmospheric particulate matterRedu..
Promotional Face Mask Cover with 2 layers made from 100% cotton 170gr/m2 made in Greece. Very comfortable mask thanks to soft cotton fabric. A mask that is ideal for everyday use.Provides partial protection against suspended dust and pollen particles, mold, exhaust fumes and pet aller..
Promotional 2 layer Face Cover with black or white adjustable elastic trimming and ear loops. This item complies with the REACH standard and is also successfully tested before use and after 10 wash cycles (60°C) to EN13274-7 (Filtration of aerosols) and ISO9237 (air permeability) standards.&nbs..
Manufacturers: PREMIER
Promotional 3 layer Face Cover with woven fabric construction which allows the product to be washed and reused. A breathable and shaped, non-medical face mask makes the ideal solution for workplace shielding and offers a filtering functionality, to reduce particles from the environment. Av..
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